TESTIMONIALSDon't take it from me, hear it from them.





TESTIMONIALSDon't take it from me, hear it from them.






Dave Johnson has been instrumental in coaching/instructing my 4 children for the past 3 years. From my now 18 year old recruited college player, down to my youngest 6th grader. His 1/on/1 instruction along with his group clinics are some of the best my children have ever attended. Not only from a basketball skills standpoint, but his personal and spiritual influence upon my children has been outstanding. I highly recommend this guy in helping develop your player.


My son Brody already had a nice shot when he started working with Dave. He just needed some minor “tweaking” of his mechanics and a way to lock it in. I stuck around and watched one of my son’s sessions and was quite impressed with Coach Johnson’s ability to diagnose the smallest mechanical flaws and then immediately come up with a solution to fix them.


One thing that sets Dave Johnson apart is his ability to communicate with the athletes he works with in ways each of them understands.  Three of my children have received instruction from Dave and he has been able to reach all three of them effectively.  Dave has taught the basic shooting and ball handling skills to all three and has worked extensively with one of them.  He has gone beyond the training and workouts and given them his support and encouragement off the court. Dave has left an indelible positive mark on all three of my children's lives.  



MATT, 23


During my time at the University of Oregon, I found coach Johnson to be an invaluable resource in my development as a player. I benefited greatly from coach Johnson’s knowledge of the game and his innovative coaching style. He has the ability to creatively teach skills and techniques that are essential to excel at all levels of basketball.

JESS, 18


Dave has not only had  an impact on my physical game but my mental game as well. He has a way of getting inside my head and working through the road blocks I had. The most special thing about him though was his commitment to me. He was invested in me 100%. There was never a time when I felt like he would give up on me...and I don't know about anyone else but sometimes that's all I needed.

Photo by Tom Bachhuber

Photo by Tom Bachhuber

CAM, 17

Dave Johnson is an amazing coach. Since working with Dave,  not only have I gained a sweet jump shot but also a good friend.  Following a session with him, I feel like I won’t miss a shot for days!

J.M., 10

In our very first session, Coach Dave helped me with my footwork and my release point on my shot. I feel like I grow in confidence every time we work out together. Coach Dave has helped me out so much!

ANNA, 16

I came to Dave to work on my shot. He took me way farther than I expected and gave me more than I asked for. He gave me solid basics for my shooting. He worked on my ball handling. He advised in my footwork and ran me through game time scenarios. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with Dave and am amazed at the immense change in my game. 

BEN, 20


"Hard work! Dedication, dedication, hard work!" That was the cry we would break every huddle with before we would start our workouts. I started working with Dave just before my freshman year of high school. He really improved my shot and he broke down my shooting form. Dave showed me the correct mechanics and I credit his coaching for much of my success. I currently play at Multnomah University (NAIA). Dave has experience working with people of many ages and can help develop your game and shooting form. 

Photo by Jeff Goodman

ZACH, 21


Coach Johnson is not only a great shooting coach, but he has helped me out in many other areas of my offensive game as well. I am so much more confident with the “rock” in my hands knowing that I have been trained by one of the best!

Photo by Jeff Goodman

Photo by Jeff Goodman


Dave is an amazing coach! Not only has he fixed my shot, but he also taught me to be confident. I find myself taking shots that I never would have taken before. I highly recommend working with Coach Johnson, he will elevate your game!


I think I have improved tremendously as a basketball player after the sessions I had with Dave. Dave has helped me improve my form which makes me confident that I can make every shot! I can use the drills that Dave has gone over with me to work on my game at home. Dave has also taught me how to set goals and how to achieve those goals.

Photo by Jeff Goodman

Photo by Jeff Goodman


I have worked with numerous coaches who have helped improve different aspects of my game, but none of them have impacted my overall game like Dave. All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together for me now and I’m seeing the results in a smoother, more consistent shot. Coach Johnson has also instilled within me an attitude of God 1st, team 2nd and myself 3rd. He has helped me become a more confident, well rounded player and a much better teammate!

JACK, 12

I have been working with Dave for over two years now. We have worked on many areas of my game and I am so much more confident in my shooting and scoring abilities now! I see options on the floor that I didn’t recognize as options before. My coaches have noticed a difference in my game too.


I learned more about how to shoot in two hours with Coach Dave than I did in a whole week at basketball camp.

Photo by Jeff Goodman

Photo by Jeff Goodman


The summer before my senior year my goal was to increase my range and become a deadly threat from outside. Working with Dave all summer (instead of going to a camp where I felt like I was just a number), we focused on the finer details of my shot and my game took a huge step forward. Dave helped me raise my confidence and increase my consistency which helped elevate my leadership role as a captain of my team.



I had a great time working with Coach J. He knows what’s up when it comes to all things shooting and scoring! He helped me to understand my shot better... and now I feel like I can fix things if my shot feels off.


My shot improved a lot after I met Dave. Not only did he teach me the fundamentals of the shot, he made me practice until I got tired of it... then he had me practice more! He helped me develop a shooters mentality. We also worked on many other aspects of the game and after my sessions with Dave, I left the gym a totally different player.



Dave is a great teacher and coach! He breaks down your mechanics from the floor to the follow through and then gives you a method to promote positive change(s). He showed me drills that I could do on my own to help improve my strength, balance and overall consistency. I am lucky to have met Dave and if I could give any advice to a young player, it would be to “perfect” your mechanics at an early age.  Regardless of skill or age, anyone would benefit from working with Coach Johnson!




Dave has been a game changer for our girls basketball program. We went from a team that played great defense but could not score consistently to consistently  leading our conference in scoring. Dave has invested deeply in both our coaches and our athletes at every level here. We've used his talents in a variety of ways. Athletes work out with him privately, or in small groups and most have gone to his weekly clinics. Our teams have always been in the hunt for conference championships and now we are on the hunt for state championships



I've been around the game a long time and seen "skills trainers" come and go but Dave has proven he's here to stay. I met Coach Dave a year ago and asked him to conduct a clinic. I was sold from from day 1 on his knowledge, attention to detail, ability to connect with the players and his enthusiasm and passion for basketball. From that day forward, Coach Dave has trained many of my high school players and Tennessee Tigers. He develops not only the skill set, but also the mental side of the game. He is the complete package. He does not disappoint when it comes to getting a true value from his work.